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Brief Project Details:

Project Type: Net Metered, Ground Mounted

Location: Akluj, Maharashtra

Capacity: 1201 KW

Modules: Adani 330 W Poly

Inverters: ABB 100 KW String

Committed Performance Ratio: 72%

Actual Performance Ratio: 78%

Annual CO2  emissions reduced: 1775 Tons per year

Direct & Undirect employment generated : ~30

Project IRR: 15%


Project Background:

Shivamrut Milk Union is a not for profit trust organization which is associated with over 5000 farmers in the state of Maharashtra. The Dairy processes approximately 2 lakh litres of milk on a daily basis and supplies to Pune, Solapur and Navi Mumbai cities in the state of Maharashtra. The plant is expected to meet ~90% of power requirement for the dairy, thus helping it go green. The plant is also estimated to save over Rs.28 crore (~USD 4 million) in power costs after accounting for financing costs

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